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We created SHAREspray to make it easy for us to share files with our friends and family and to be able to intantly publish stuff to the web right from any computer or browser. Now we are sharing it with others.








Who can benefit from SHAREspray: People who want the easiest way to share large files with others, publish content (web pages, music, movies, blogs, podcasts, etc.) to the internet, and access their files from anywhere. SHAREspray was built to eliminate the complexity, shortcomings, and cost of other typese of sharing and publishing. Plus it’s FREE.

What you can do with SHAREspray:
You have 200 megs of online space to do what you want!

From your computer you can...

Share Files: Drag and drop any type of file(s) into a SHAREspray folder and it is instantly accessible on the web.

Use the DropBox: Drag and drop a file(s) into a users’s DropBox and only they will be able to access and download it.

Instantly publish anything:
Drag and drop any type of web content (such as a webpage, MP3, photo album, blog, movie, or podcast) to a SHAREspray folder and it is instantly published on the web.

Access your files from anywhere:
Put files on SHAREspray and you can get to them from any web browser...even your mobile phone!

Extend an existing webpage: Many people have pages with services like MySpace which limit the the appearance and the amount of your content. By putting a SHAREspray link on any of these pages, you can transfer people to a place with much more information organized the way you like it.

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SHAREspray Users:
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